What Website Builder Is Right For Me?

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Whether you’re in need of your first website or just looking to re-design what you currently have, it’s important to use the right website builder – by this we mean WordPress.org, Squarespace, Wix etc…

Certain builders offer certain features, but can often be restrictive depending on ways you may want to grow your business. For example, Squarespace is not self-hosted, so you have to upgrade your account and pay a higher monthly fee if you want to add a shop or other features. However, it has a much easier back-end to navigate if you’re looking to regularly update your content and make changes yourself and aren’t too tech-savvy.

WordPress.org may look like a bit of a minefield if you’ve never used it, but there’s no monthly account fee and you can own your own website which are great pluses. You have much more freedom to create new features and grow your business, but it’s not as easy to do yourself and can be slightly more complicated.

Whenever we have potential clients come to us needing a website, we lay out the different options on the table depending on their needs and long term goals. For example, we would never suggest designing someone a Squarespace website if in the future they were looking to add complicated HTML features that this builder couldn’t support.

We also take this into consideration when doing a re-design, as sometimes it makes more sense and can be more cost effective in the long run to move platform and create a whole new website, rather than just update your current one. We’ve had clients come to us for re-designs/migration to a different platform as they’ve been paying huge monthly fees for a website with a previous provider, which in most cases just isn’t necessary.

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