What Do We Mean By Engagement?

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Social Media Engagement is the measure of public shares, likes and comments on posts. In this, we are mostly referring to Instagram.

Engagement rate is the total number of interactions your content receives (an average of each post) divided by your amount of followers, multiplied by 100%. There are free tools online you can use to calculate this, such as: https://phlanx.com/engagement-calculator

It’s all very well having a large amount of followers, but what you really want are followers who are also engaging with your content. Generally, accounts with higher follower counts will have a lower engagement rate, but this is still something we can work on and improve. Engaged followers are actually taking notice of your post, so are more likely to absorb the information it contains – whether you’re selling a product or service or just sharing information. Brands also look at engagement rates when looking to work with accounts/influencers.

One of the easiest ways to increase your engagement, is by using your account as if it were your personal account – spend some time on it! Like & comment on the posts of those you follow, or those who you think may be interested in following you. Try to leave comments that are more personal – use their name, answer questions they may have written in their caption or refer to something specific about the photo. This shows that your comment is genuine, and not just a bot.

Instagram’s algorithms favour posts with more engagement, but more on this next time!

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