Web Creation Form

** Please read through our website creation form carefully **

To help us learn a little bit more about your dream website we have created this simple form for you to fill out. These answers will help us to get a better idea about what it is you’re looking for in your site and give you an opportunity to express any particularities that you require.

– Please ensure you fill out all information in regards to your new website on this sheet. Once we receive this submission we will then be able to send your quote and get started as soon as you are happy. Any additional major requests after submission of this form will result in additional fees, as this will alter our original quote. We will of course contact you regarding any additional fees before going forward with additional work. –

Please give us a detail list of features that you would like on the website, this could be a booking system, members area etc. It’s important that you tell us everything you would like included on your website here as this will help us give you an accurate quote. Major features that are requested at a later date may incur an additional fee.
If you have seen any other websites or branding materials that have caught your eye, please feel free to link those here so we can gain more of an understanding of the type of look that you are interested in.
Is there any of your own artwork/photos that you would like to upload to the site? (We will ask for these in a separate email. If you would like us to source images for you then please list below what in particular you would like)
Please list which images you would like us to source for your website – e.g. music festivals, sport and exercise etc.
If you’d like us to purchase the domain name for you, please let us know and list the different options that you would be happy with.
If you require hosting, let us know and we can offer this at a discounted rate. If you already have hosting or a domain that you wish to use for the new website, we will need access to the account in which this domain is hosted. We always suggest that our customers create temporary log in details whilst we are working with their account.
Company name, Company registration number, Country of registration, Registered company address, Contact details, VAT number.
At Isho we usually have a number of different websites being built at once. Priority timing means that we will prioritise your project above the others to ensure that you hit your deadline. Be aware that priority timing will incur an additional fee.
Ticking this box means that you agree to have provided all relevant information regarding to your new website and that you understand by requesting additional features after we have provided you with a quote and begun work on the website you will incur additional fees. We will of course contact you regarding any additional fees before going forward with additional work.