Six Instagram Post Ideas!

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Obviously, what you post completely depends on your business and brand. We have clients who post all of the below or some that only post one or two. If you’re struggling for content ideas, here are the categories we tell clients their posts should fall in to…

1.     Good quality imagery

We understand that not everyone can have professional photos to post every day, but having a ‘professional’ looking shot to post every few images definitely makes your feed look better overall. There’s nothing wrong with phone photos – a lot of phones have incredible cameras! But if you’re going to edit them, don’t use the standard Instagram filters or anything that will make them lose their quality. If you want to edit photos, get yourself an app such as Lightroom or VSCO cam and stick to editing them in the same way each time, so your feed is coherent. Make sure not to over-edit! Usually, a little boost in brightness and a play with colour is all you need.

2.     Relevant stock photos

As mentioned above, not everyone can have professional photos of their own, but this doesn’t mean you can’t have professional photos on your feed! There are plenty of free stock photos out there – we love Unsplash (free & you don’t have to credit authors) or Freepik/Pexels (free but you have to credit the author). As long as the photos you post are somehow relevant to your brand, there’s nothing wrong with using them. This can be a good opportunity to post a caption plugging your website or anything that wouldn’t necessarily have a specific photo of your own.

3.     Text posts

As you can see from our feed, we love a text post! When you’re a company offering a service that isn’t tangible, these can be really useful. We like to use stock photos for backgrounds, but plain backgrounds work just as well – just try and fit to a colour scheme or some type of theme! Apps like Canva are great if you want to create these posts from your phone.

4.     Testimonials

This is a type of text post, so stick to what we’ve said above when it comes to the design of these! Posting testimonials on Instagram is a great way to increase accountability – these are real people with real opinions so potential customers will see this and know you’re not lying when you say you’re great – this is the proof! Many of our clients have lots of 5-star reviews on their Facebook pages – but who actually sees these? Taking these and putting them on Instagram showcases them much more and makes sure that they are seen.

5.     Infographics

This depends on your brand and may not be relevant to you, but we have clients who’s most popular posts are the infographics they put up each week. These are harder to do yourselves (if you’d be interested in us doing this for you, let us know) but are highly effective if done well and can increase your following and engagement rates. You can find examples of what we mean by Infographics in our portfolio on our site or Instagram Stories.


This is another great way to get content if you haven’t got enough of your own! ALWAYS make sure to ask permission to post, and credit who you’ve got the post from – you don’t want to be upsetting anyone/stealing! This is great if you have a tangible product, as you can repost peoples photos of it (food, restaurant, clothing etc).